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Philippe Hersant, composer

Victoire de la musique classique 2016

After four editions devoted to the history of music, this fifth edition will begin a new cycle dedicated to the voice and will propose:     

  • A phonologist's lecture about the origins of the human voice and understanding the mechanisms of singing;     
  • A round table on vocal music, mixing the point of view of the artists, the historian and the acoustician


The 2019 edition will also mark the beginning of a musical collaboration with the chef Pierre de Bucy, who will conduct two concerts with ensembles created for the occasion:     

  • The first concert, for voice and instrumental ensemble, will focus on Luciano Berio's Folk Songs, an emblematic work of the encounter between traditional music and contemporary music     
  • The second concert, for mixed vocal a cappella quartet, will offer a musical fresco from the Gregorian repertoire to contemporary music.

Composer Patrick Burgan will be a special guest of this 5th edition, with several workds played.

The details of the program will be available soon!