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How to support Les Rencontres Musicales et Scientifiques


Les Rencontres Musicales et Scientifiques are conceived and organised by volontary members of the association "Sur La Touche" every year. 


In order to fund this project, we have two major resources: public funding on the one hand, private sponsoring on the other hand. Individual as well as companies or fondations can support the Rencontres Musicales et Scientifiques. 


For individuals, donations might benefit from tax reduction in France of 66% of the total donation, proved by an administrative voucher the association Sur La Touche delivers.

For companies, donations might benefit from a tax reduction in France of 60% of the total donation, proved by an administrative voucher the association Sur La Touche delivers.

We would like to sincerely thank, by alphabetical order:


Claudie Albrand, Guillaume et Thierry Albrand, Stéphane Akkaoui, Philippe Angot, Michel Battais, Lilas Bigret-Combes, Laurent Chiche, Marina Chiche, Jean et Nathalie Chiche, Vincent Chiche, Marie-Christine et Jérôme Clément, Sabine Couder d'Argencie, Christine David-Beillouin, Patricia Duval, Michel Delpech, Jane Deste, Christine Groult, Valentine Guérif, Laurianne Gebel de Gebhardt, Pierre Glotin, Olivia Leblanc, Mathilde Legrand, Jean-Nicolas Lucien, Iris Loffeier, Francis et Sybille Madelin, Carole Marie, MArie-Hélène Malterre, Sabine Masquelier, François Merle, Clémentine, Katia et Véronique Merle, Maité Molinaro, Bernadette et Michel Moreau, Carisse, Camille, Jacques et Catherine Poulet, Benjamin Prost-Dame, Philippe Rabanes, Fabrice Richaud, Isabelle Saffroy, Thomas Stählin,  André Turmel, Lisa Tchiboukdjian, Michel et Mauricette Tchiboukdjian, Marc Tchiboukdjian et Laura Xuereb, Susanna Tiertant, David Vanypre.


Special thanks to Philippe Angot for the logo, posters and flyers ; and to Valentine Guérif for all the pictures of the festival. 

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Our partners

How to support the Rencontres Musicales et Scientifiques



If you wish to help the Musical and Scientific Encounters for the 2016 edition or next occurrences, you can do it:


- by check to « Association Sur La Touche », to be sent to this postal address : 5, avenue François Mauriac

84000 Avignon


- by bank transfer to this account:

IBAN : FR91 2004 1000 0166 4828 2Z02 002


Account owner: Association Sur La Touche


-by Paypal by clicking on this button:


Michel Delpech et Bruno Leroy-Roscamp

Supporters of the Rencontres Musicales et Scientifiques since the first edition in 2015. 

What supporting the RMS means:


  • participating to a highly innovative action for music and science;
  • helping the diffusion of knowledge for everyone;
  • sustaining the diffusion of contemporary creation;
  • helping talented and young musicians invited to the festival;
  • supporting the local and cultural outreach of the Pays de La Loire
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