2nd edition, September 3-4, 2016 : "From sound to music: constants and emergences"




The second edition of Les Rencontres Musicales et Scientifiques took place on the 3d and 4th of Septembre 2016 and reunited composers Florence Baschet, Philippe Hersant, Elisabeth Angot; researchers François Delalande, Clément François, Pascal Terrien, Célia Poulet; guitarist Gaëlle Solal and the Quatuor Girard, for two concerts and two roundtables on the thema: "From sound to music: constants and emergences". 


2016 Program




Saturday 3d:


ROUNDTABLE, 2pm, municipal hall of Le Thoureil

"The building of musical listening from childhood to adult age", with François Delalande, Clément François and Lucie Girard

Roundtable animated by Pascal Terrien


GAËLLE SOLAL, guitar, 7pm, Church of Le Thoureil

Partita n°2 BWV 1004, Johann Sebastian Bach

Tiento, Saturnal, Plahn (1955), Maurice Ohana

Sérénade mélancolique op. 99 (2004, creation), Nicolas Bacri

Sol à seul, dédié à Gaëlle Solal (1995), Arnaud Dumond

Vientulibas Sonate (1990), Peteris Vasks

Pièce pour guitare seule, dedicated to Gaëlle Solal (2016, creation), Elisabeth Angot



Sunday 4th:


RONDTABLE, 10am, municipal hall of Le Thoureil

"The profession of composer and its institutions", with Elisabeth Angot, Florence Baschet, Philippe Hersant and Gaëlle Solal

Roundtable animated by Célia Poulet


QUATUOR GIRARD, 16h, église du Thoureil

Quatuor n°4 "Der gestirnter Himmel" (2014), Philippe Hersant

Streicher #2,  dedicated to Elisabeth Angot (2016, creation), Florence Baschet

Quatuor à cordes n°1, dedicated to Quatuor Girard (2015), Elisabeth Angot

Quatuor à cordes n°9 en Do majeur, op 59 n°3, Ludwig van Beethoven


Closing cocktail