samedi 9 octobre 2021


4pm : Opening conference of Pr. Carole FRITZ, archaeologist

[Place to be annouced soon]

"Image et son dans les grottes ornées préhistoriques" [Image and sound in prehistoric caves]


7pm : Concert of Ensemble 44 : "A thousand years of vocal music"

Palais des Papes, salle Grand Tinnel

Historical fresk of vocal music since gregorian singing to contemporary music, for 5 mixt voices

Ensemble 44, direction Gabriel Bourgoin

Dania El Zein, soprano ; Mathilde Rossignol, mezzo-soprano ; Gabriel Bourgoin : baryton ; Benjamin Woh : ténor ; Maxime Saiu : bass.

gallery/flyer 2021

6th edition, 3 and 4th of october 2020 : "What the Men's singing says" 2/3 

Théâtre Benoit XII